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#BelieveWomen: National Speak Out ReCap

On Thursday the world watched as Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testified before the Judiciary Committee. As her testimony began, I sat in my car and felt the anger, disappointment and sadness consume every fiber of my being. I refused to allow those emotions to render me motionless, I opened my car door and walked up to Senator Amy Klobuchar’s office. I stood there and watched as a steady stream of our sisters, brothers and gender non-identifying siblings flooded the sidewalk with signs that read “I believe Christine,” “Believe Women,” “I Believe Anita,” “Kava-Nope.”

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Hear Us, NewsAlicia Donahue
Our Lives, Bodies and Freedoms are on the Line

Read our Update and then read our article: Justice Kennedy’s retirement and the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court has everyone considering the possibility that Roe v. Wade, the 1974 landmark decision recognizing a woman’s constitutional right to privacy when deciding whether to have an abortion whether to have an abortion, may be overturned or severely limited.

Senators who hold key votes have made statements which seem to indicate they will likely confirm him based simply upon his educational background and professional resume.

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The Department of Reproductive Control Is the Health Agency of Our Dystopian Future

Written by;  By Susan Rinkunas, Jul 18 2018, 6:36pm, for Tonic. Read the full article here: The Department of Reproductive Control is the HealthAgency of Our Dystopian Future

"..The DRC is not a real government agency—yet. But all of the policies described in the video are real. You'll learn as much if you go to the satirical agency's website,

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Women Disobey in D.C., A Collective Experience Protesting the Illegal Detention of Children at U.S. Borders

After the illegal detention of children and the immoral tearing apart of families, Women’s March National planned and executed the largest Civil Disobedient group of women ever recorded in our nation's history to rally and hold accountable those in office that are allowing these vicious, racist and outright terrifying things to happen.

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Justice Kennedy is retiring from the U.S. Supreme Court. What does this mean?

Last week, we saw The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) narrowly vote to strip away rights and trample on progressive values; specifically women’s rights, immigrant rights, and workers’ rights. In the midst of all this, Justice Anthony Kennedy of the U.S. Supreme Court announced his retirement, effective July 31st. Many of us felt shell-shocked knowing what this means for the future of our country.

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Are We Ready to Be What Racists Fear?

My story as a transracial adoptee has left me with this indescribable void that will never be understood.

Throughout my life I have attached incredible meaning to who I was as Mexican and less to who I was as American, but like the Diaspora Blues says “so, here you are too foreign for home and too foreign for here. Never enough for both” - Ljeoma Umebinyuo.

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March with Us June 30th to #FreeOurFuture

On June 30, we're rallying in Washington, D.C., and around the country to tell Donald Trump and his administration to stop separating kids from their parents!

Join us on for a national day of action. We are co-hosting the Minneapolis event, and are calling on the current administration, our senators, and our representatives to declare once and for all that families belong together and should not be detained.

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Rejecting Violence, Oppression, and Murder by US Border Patrol

On May 23, US border patrol agents shot and killed an unarmed migrant. We say her name in solidarity, Claudia Patricia Gomez Gonzalez. at WMM we whole heartedly reject the oppression and violence that the border patrol engages in. We reject the words and racism that our administration has used to divide and we reject the notion of borders.

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Warrant Forgiveness Day

For one day, on May 12, 2018, people dealing with warrant issues in Ramsey County can come and get their issues resolved without the fear of getting arrested.

The county is teaming up with the ACLU of Minnesota, the NAACP, and UJAMAA Place to host a warrant resolution day. Attendees will work with attorneys and judges to address active warrants and take actions to resolve or move forward with any underlying court case.

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Show Your Support for International Workers Day - May 1st

April 24 – April 30:

Show your support for businesses closing their doors May 1st, International Workers Day, in solidarity with the Immigrant Movement! All week long, visit and purchase from the businesses below and make sure to tell them why you chose their business that day (and share photos on social media!).

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This Has to Stop! - Statement on Acquittal of Officers in Killing of Alton Sterling

Women's March Minnesota strongly echoes the statement below by Women's March on the acquittal of the officers who killed Alton Sterling two years ago.

We also strongly protest the shooting death of Stephon Clark in Sacramento last week, yet another Black man killed by the police. This violence and injustice against Black and Brown people has to stop and we must do all we can to make this happen.

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Gun Violence & White Privilege In America

“White privilege is staging a walkout for gun control and having colleges and Universities say you will not be punished and your admission won’t be changed, when the same was not happening for Ferguson and Baltimore school walkouts...White privileged is not a curse word. It’s not meant to blame or shame anyone. It’s a lens to understand how race works in this country."

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Third Thursday Recap: The Fight for Equal Pay

Notes from Third Thursdays event in March - “The Fight for Equal Pay” - hosted by MSP NOW.


  • Women earn 81cents in the dollar compared to men. When compared with White men, Asian women earn 87 cents, White women earn 79 cents, Black women earn 63 cents and Latina women earn 54 cents.
  • The wage gap increases with age, maxing at 55-64 years due to the Opportunity Gap (i.e. women are less likely to get promoted than men). As a result, men are 85% more likely to be in positions of senior leadership, and over 60% of women are individual contributors towards the end of their careers, compared to just 40% of men.
  • Of all the Fortune 500 CEOs, just 5% are women, 0.4% are women of color, and there are no Black women Fortune 500 CEOs.
  • Minnesota is ranked 12th in the country for gender pay equality, and 49th for racial inequality (above WI).
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