The Department of Reproductive Control Is the Health Agency of Our Dystopian Future

Written by;  By Susan Rinkunas, Jul 18 2018, 6:36pm, for Tonic. Read the full article here: The Department of Reproductive Control is the HealthAgency of Our Dystopian Future

"..The DRC is not a real government agency—yet. But all of the policies described in the video are real. You'll learn as much if you go to the satirical agency's website, The video and site are part of a campaign that launched Monday to call attention to the Trump administration's proposed changes to Title X, the country's only family planning program, as well as other attacks on birth controland abortion. The campaign's intention is to get people to submit a formal comment opposing the proposed changes to Title X before the public comment period ends on July 31. (You can submit a comment here.)

Title X provides grant money to family planning clinics that provide birth control, STD testing and treatment, and cancer screenings to 4 million low income or uninsured people every year (funds can't be used for abortion). It's how some clinics can provide low- or no-cost services but they don't go around telling people "Title X grants paid for your appointment today.".."

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