Great news on the Equal Rights Amendment. HF71 will go to the MN House floor for a vote this Friday . HF71 would memorialize Congress to remove the deadline of 1982 to get 38 states to agree to ratify the ERA. Thirty-five states did sign on by that original date. The removal of the deadline will allow the ratifications of the final three states needed to secure the ERA into the U.S. Constitution.

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Minnesota Legislative Session is Nearing an End

In less than two weeks the 2019 legislative session will  end. The Conference Committees are underway, but the Senate, House and Governor cannot agree on high level budget targets. It’s getting stressful.

Big roadblocks

  • Sunset of the provider tax | This will put a $700M hole in the Health and Human Services budget. Governor Walz wants to keep this tax, the GOP want to let it expire without a plan to replace it.

  • Education | The GOP budget doesn't keep up with inflation and barely funds schools. Despite bipartisan support of education across the state, their budget gives schools no new dollars.

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Mama's Day Bail out

Some mothers will be celebrating Mother's Day without their families this year. The cash bail system unjustly separated them. These women are in custody because they can't afford to pay the bond that would release them to carry on with their life, family, and work while their case advances.

Minnesota Freedom Fund is working to change that with the Momma's Day Bail Out.

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Update on Conversion Therapy Ban

There are some Senators who support the ban but are unwilling to break with their party, so continue to call or write them and remind them that this proposed ban is overwhelmingly supported by the voters, the medical field, and that the founder of conversion therapy, Dr. Robert Spitzer, apologized to the LGBTQ community for all the harm he caused.

Banning what many consider to be the torture of kids shouldn’t be controversial in 2019, but this battle is yet to be won here in Minnesota.

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What Do We Want? Equal Rights! When Do We Want It? Now!

"Equality under the law shall not be abridged or denied on account of gender," is all we're asking to be added to the MN constitution. Visit ERAMN for more information on the bills.

Take action to get the Senate to hear the bill, pass it, and add it to the ballot! Let the people of Minnesota decide! Can you take a few minutes out of your day to make Equal Rights a reality for future generations?

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