Help protect Title X

With a justice seat on the line and frequent attacks on Title X, we’re seeing an administration that will stop at nothing to hinder important reproductive resources for millions of women and men across the country.

President Trump is pushing a “gag rule.” This rule is designed to block people from getting accurate information about their health care, and would prevent doctors from giving patients the vital reproductive health care they need. We encourage you to submit a comment letter to HHS Secretary Alex Azar to oppose proposed changes to Title X. To make this easy Planned Parenthood has provided a template comment for you to use. Comments can be submitted to the Federal Register following this link. The comment period ends on July 31, 2018.

Anti-choice groups advocate for the gag rule because they believe it will lower abortion rates. From the impact of the global gag rule  hastily reiterated by this administration last year, this is not the case. In fact, evidence suggests that the global gag rule has led to an increase of unsafe abortion (25 million worldwide each year) as well as unintended pregnancies. Unsafe abortions are incredibly dangerous, and unintended pregnancies leave women of low-income in a cycle of poverty.

Four million people rely on the reproductive care that Title X provides, and this gag rule will affect low-income and minority people the most. We must not let these anti-choice legislators revel in their deprivation of people’s health. Now is the time to make your voice heard and support the four million people who are the most vulnerable to these attacks. Please consider filling out the comment letter before July 31.

Planned parenthood discusses Title X