Deny the Permit! Duluth for Clean Water

New "Deny the Permit" Postcards! Send yours today.

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What a day yesterday! It is such important news that the PolyMet land exchange rider was removed from the National Defense Authorization Act and that, at least for now, the partner organizations' lawsuits about the fairness of the exchange to the taxpayer can go forward. This is a review that Minnesotans need and deserve, and your voice was heard. Thank you!

Speaking of your voice, it's time. It is time to say together, this proposal is not safe for Minnesota, Deny The PolyMet Permit.

Duluth for Clean Water is happy to announce their new "Deny the Permit" post card campaign to Governor Dayton. Launched the effort on Friday, and the reception has been tremendous already. Several hundred cards have been filled out, which will be sent to the Governor. Will you join?

We invite you to join this effort, wherever you are. We'd love to see thousands of post cards get sent from all over! You can click here, print the card, share with friends and organizations you volunteer with, and mail it on in. If you're organizing a significant mailing, please let us know at so we can brag about you. (And if you're reallyup for it, FYI about 500 were printed of these at a local printer for $113. know, that's an option too.) If you would prefer to deliver by hand to Duluth for Clean Water for their delivery to the Governor, that's great, just let them know.

Include your own message. One of the favorites from the weekend was from Sophie, 16, who told the Governor that she loves the lake and wants her own kids to be able to drink the water from it someday too. Love that. There is space to share your own additional thoughts with the Governor on your post card as well.

Social Media. Snap a pic, share on social media with the hashtag #DenythePermit, and tag them on twitter at @duluthwater or on facebook so we can help extend the message!

It's time for Minnesota and Governor Dayton to Deny this Permit, and move on to a better option that respects all communities. Let's say so together.

Thank you. - JT, on behalf of the DFCW Action Team (Duluth for Clean Water is a Duluth-based, all-volunteer, 501c4 nonprofit organization. For more info about Duluth for Clean Water visit