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Energy and Climate Omnibus bill is looking good!

Although environmental bills did not appear in our initial list of Legislative Priorities for 2019, climate action and justice has to be a priority for all of us, and we were waiting to see what bills would be introduced to address climate change.

We are very excited about the Energy and Climate Omnibus bill (HF 1833) that has really come together in the last few weeks!

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#ChangeCulture Tour - Northern MN

From Honor the Earth: Via Women's Foundation of Minnesota “Day 2 of the #ChangeCulture tour in Northern MN starts now! Visiting HonorTheEarth, a #YWIMN grantee-partner that uses music, the arts, the media, and #Indigenous wisdom to create awareness and support for #Native environmental issues ...”

The Honor is ours ... great visit

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Are you ready for the elections? Do you know what your candidates stand for?

Just 55 days to the elections! Want to find out what the candidates running in your district stand for? Even better - want to ask the candidates a question so they will have to go public on issues that are important to you?

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Has the Manafort/Cohen news given you new energy to #StopKavanaugh? We hope so!

The latest developments in the Mueller investigation only strengthen the argument that the US Senate should NOT proceed with considering Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination for SCOTUS.

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Fundraiser for LaDonna Redmond - Social Justice, Gun Violence and Food Advocate

LaDonna Redmond is a social justice, gun violence and food advocate. She is a community organizer, and she is a friend of Women's March MN. We respect the work LaDonna is doing in the community and have learned so much from her. Now she needs our help. Her young adult child had a cardiac arrest and is fighting for their life. Please show LaDonna the generosity she has shown us and contribute to this emergency fundraiser to help her and her child.

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The Primaries are Coming! August 14 - Mark Your Calendars

The Primaries are just 5 days away. These federal, state, county (and some local) primary elections are important because this is when you get to make sure that the right candidates will be on the ballot in the general elections in November.

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