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Sign a virtual postcard for Freedom to Drive MN

This is the year to turn back the clock. Before Governor Pawlenty changed the rule in 2003, Minnesota residents didn’t need to be US citizens in order to obtain a driver’s license.

Women’s March MN and the Freedom To Drive MN Coalition wants to return the privilege of a driver’s license to eligible Minnesotans. The bill is moving quickly as it is important to Minnesotans, such as members of law enforcement, business owners and leaders of faith communities. Each hearing has been packed with supporters.

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Driver’s licenses for all, regardless of immigration status! Support HF1500!

HF1500 is one of Women’s March Minnesota’s 2019 legislative priorities. This bill is about improving public safety, bolstering economic development, and building stronger families and communities for EVERYONE

Did you know that approximately 82,000 residents of Minnesota are eligible for a driver’s license or state ID, but cannot get one because they are undocumented immigrants. Many have been living here for decades and were able to obtain a driver’s license, until Governor Pawlenty changed the law in 2003. Imagine having your driving privileges and access to an ID stripped away. For undocumented immigrants, having access to a Driver’s License or State ID is both a matter of convenience, access and dignity to move around the state.

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Contact your Congress people and tell them you do not support these tent cities for migrant teens

There are currently 2,324 mostly Central American boys and girls (13-17 years old) living in canvas tents at Tornillo detention center (LA Times) for migrant teens. More than 1,300 teens have arrived here since the end of October alone. None of the 2,100 staff who work at this Texan tent city have not been properly vetted. Anything could be happening to these teens, in the US in 2018, on our watch. What’s more, the cost of running this detention center is 50% higher than originally estimated and it is thought it will cost the US taxpayer a total of $430 million.

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Proposed restriction on immigrants using public aid - public comment open til Dec. 10th

Did you submit your public comment on DHS's proposed redefinition of "public charge" yet?

This new regulation will make it harder for immigrants living in the US to qualify for permanent US residency if they have received public benefits such as food aid, public housing or Medicaid. It will also make it harder for foreigners to immigrate to the US if they are predicted to need to use these benefits.

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Speak another language? Your help is needed at polling places on Election Day!

Apply to be an Election Judge!

Our Constitution demands that every citizen have an equal voice and vote in determining the future of our families, communities, and country. EVERY citizen.

Election judges are the backbone of our democracy. Do you or someone you know speak Spanish, Somali, Arabic, Hmong or any other language?  This is an opportunity to make a BIG difference. Unfortunately, some Minnesota citizens with English as a second language, and needing a little help at the polls on election day, frequently leave their polling place because no one is able to assist them.

Some Minnesota citizens have not had a positive experience with government and are very intimidated by the process. Having someone at the polling place they may recognize from their community makes it less daunting.

We need your help in recruiting people to apply as election judges; especially if they are bilingual! Email me and we will get you, or those you send our way, set up:

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Are you ready for the elections? Do you know what your candidates stand for?

Just 55 days to the elections! Want to find out what the candidates running in your district stand for? Even better - want to ask the candidates a question so they will have to go public on issues that are important to you?

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