Energy and Climate Omnibus bill is looking good!

Although environmental bills did not appear in our initial list of Legislative Priorities for 2019, climate action and justice has to be a priority for all of us, and we were waiting to see what bills would be introduced to address climate change.

We are very excited about the Energy and Climate Omnibus bill (HF 1833) that has really come together in the last few weeks!

It is packed with policies needed to address climate change: 100% carbon free electricity by 2050, electric buses, electric vehicle infrastructure, community solar access for all income groups, extension of solar incentives, solar on schools, energy storage pilot projects, clean energy first policy for any new plants. This is what climate action looks like!

Let's call/tweet thanks for bold, visionary leadership to Gov. Tim Walz, Rep. Jean Wagenius and Speaker Melissa Hortman.

Please also call/email your House Rep. to let them know why you want them to support this bill, using this form from

Not sure who your legislators are? Check this legislator look-up tool

To read more about the Energy and Climate Omnibus bill, see these two articles from Session Daily: