Has the Manafort/Cohen news given you new energy to #StopKavanaugh? We hope so!

The latest developments in the Mueller investigation only strengthen the argument that the US Senate should NOT proceed with considering Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination for SCOTUS.

If you are looking to add your voice to this demand, NARAL Pro-Choice America and Move On have partnered to organize Unite For Justice events across the country this Sunday, August 26th. There are 4 in and near Minnesota!

Please attend one near you if you can and help #StopKavanaugh and #HaltHearing. For more background on these events, see here.


  • Minneapolis:  11 a.m. – Stop Kavanaugh: Gavel on a Stick Edition -  Moon Palace Books, Minneapolis, MN 55406 For more details 
  • Duluth:  2 p.m. – Brews and Repro Freedom - Bent Paddle Brewing Co. Taproom, Duluth, MN 55806 For more details
  • Fargo Moorhead: Noon – Unite for Justice Flagship Event - Fargo Civic Center Plaza, Fargo, ND 58102 For more details
  • Sioux Falls: 1pm – Unite For Justice - Fawick Park, Sioux Falls, SD 57104 For more details

Here are more actions you can take to help #SaveSCOTUS, see here.

For an excellent reminder of why Brett Kavanaugh is such a dangerous choice for SCOTUS, take some time to listen to the speakers at the #StopKavanaugh rally in front of the Supreme Court yesterday, organized by the National Women's Law Center.