75 Days until Midterm Elections. Ways to Sustain our Commitment:

75 more days until the midterm elections - how do we sustain our commitment and involvement to the end?

Are you busy supporting candidates and/or getting out the vote? Or are you thinking about getting involved in the elections in some way? No question about it, this kind of work is hard and challenging.. Here is a great article on how to sustain political engagement for the long term, which we think is useful for helping find out how to keep going effectively and happily until November 6th: How to Increase and Sustain Your Political Engagement

1.     Choose political actions that fit your identity.

  • There are many different ways to be involved in the elections. Choose one that fits with your skills and values  - this will increase the likelihood that you will want to stick at it. For example, if you are an artist, find some way to use your artistic skills in your election work – e.g. sign making, T-shirt design, website design, etc.

2. Take action with others.

  • Doing election work can be easier when you are doing it with friends, or even just with other people.  Volunteers working in social settings have more positive experiences, a greater sense of identity with the project, less burnout, and are more likely to stick with it.

3. Engage in political actions that make you feel good.

  • The easiest way to burn out is to force yourself to do things you don’t enjoy. If talking to strangers on the phone stresses you out, then you should probably not phone bank. You’ll be more impactful if you can keep going and you’ll  be more likely to keep going if you are doing something you enjoy.

4. Take advantage of winning momentum.

  • When results go your way, celebrate, hug your loved ones, keep it alive, and build on it right away! And be sure to choose some campaigns/projects where there will be some wins along the way.

For more ideas read the article; How to Increase and Sustain Your Political Engagement