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New voter engagement campaign - pls share as far and wide as you can!

Exciting new art-driven GOTV campaign is hitting the streets NOW. The focus? New voters. Have you seen the posters in your community yet?

And there is an excellent website to go with it too!

This campaign has been put together by local artist Leon Wang.

Now we need to help get the word out - share the images and website details widely on social media, particularly with the young and new voters in your life.

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What's your GOTV plan for this week?

We love a great march. Like-minded people coming together to stand up for what they believe in.

Know what’s even better? Making sure great people get elected to positions of power, people who will stand up and fight every day for the things you believe in.

What are you doing this week to make sure the right people get elected on November 6th?

If you are not already door knocking, text/phone banking, writing postcards etc., to GOTV and support candidates, now's the time.

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75 Days until Midterm Elections. Ways to Sustain our Commitment:

Are you busy supporting candidates and/or getting out the vote? Or are you thinking about getting involved in the elections in some way? No question about it, this kind of work is hard and challenging.. Here is a great article on how to sustain political engagement for the long term, which we think is useful for helping find out how to keep going effectively and happily until November 6th: How to Increase and Sustain Your Political Engagement

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