What's your GOTV plan for this week?

We love a great march. Like-minded people coming together to stand up for what they believe in.

Know what’s even better? Making sure great people get elected to positions of power, people who will stand up and fight every day for the things you believe in.

What are you doing this week to make sure the right people get elected on November 6th?

If you are not already door knocking, text/phone banking, writing postcards etc., to GOTV and support candidates, now's the time.

Contact the campaign of the candidate who speaks to you most and ask how you can help. (See their website for contact details).

Check your party's campaign calendar and sign up to volunteer. (See the party website for the campaign calendar)

Have a conversation about the elections with your friends, neighbors, family, co-workers, particularly the ones who say they are not into politics.

Here are some upcoming GOTV events to attend:

Oct 25th: Old School/New School GOTV textbank and postcard writing in Richfield

Oct 27th: Phone bank with us to get 10,000 Latinx voters to the Polls

Oct 25th/27th/Nov1st: Join Black Votes Matter MN and the Council of Minnesotan's of African Heritage (CMAH) to call fellow citizens to invite them to VOTE!

Oct 29th: Get Out The Vote by phone banking with ReleaseMN8

For more details of what you can do: https://www.womensmarchmn.com/…/primaries-get-inv…/7/31/2018

Don’t wait for the next march. Vote early or on November 6th, work your butt off until then to GOTV, and wake up November 7th knowing that you did something to make a difference in the outcome of this election.