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Rejecting Violence, Oppression, and Murder by US Border Patrol

On May 23, US border patrol agents shot and killed an unarmed migrant. We say her name in solidarity, Claudia Patricia Gomez Gonzalez. at WMM we whole heartedly reject the oppression and violence that the border patrol engages in. We reject the words and racism that our administration has used to divide and we reject the notion of borders.

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Warrant Forgiveness Day

For one day, on May 12, 2018, people dealing with warrant issues in Ramsey County can come and get their issues resolved without the fear of getting arrested.

The county is teaming up with the ACLU of Minnesota, the NAACP, and UJAMAA Place to host a warrant resolution day. Attendees will work with attorneys and judges to address active warrants and take actions to resolve or move forward with any underlying court case.

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Super Bowl Weekend Activities

While millions of MN tax dollars disappear into parties for the rich, support these Super Bowl weekend protests to draw attention to the persistent issues of low wages, deportations, racism, police brutality and prioritizing corporate over community interests here in MN.

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