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March For Our Lives - an update

In the words of the students; “Revolution is coming.”

Hundreds of thousands of students from across the country participated in a march for their lives on March 24. In Saint Paul they took to the streets 20,000 strong in order to have their voices heard on gun control. 

The event, organized by students with guidance from organizations like Protect MN, Mom’s Demand Action, Students Demand Action, Women’s March Minnesota, and Black Lives Matter featured several local student speakers and a few surprise guests from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School who were in town for a national hockey tournament. 

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#NotOneMore - Weekly WMM Update - Demand Gun Legislation Change

"We know that gun control works, we know how to establish it. So why do we act as if it's a hypothetical fantasy attainable everywhere but here? Why are we surprised every time an assault rifle capable of firing 15 to 45 rounds a minute kills that many people? There's no ifs, butts, or maybes, we are done with excuses and BS." She went on to say that, "we are not just asking for shooters to stop shooting, we are asking our government to stop giving them the means to do so!" - Eva Goldfarb, (Member; Women's March Minnesota Youth Empower committee)

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