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Third Thursday Recap: The Fight for Equal Pay

Notes from Third Thursdays event in March - “The Fight for Equal Pay” - hosted by MSP NOW.


  • Women earn 81cents in the dollar compared to men. When compared with White men, Asian women earn 87 cents, White women earn 79 cents, Black women earn 63 cents and Latina women earn 54 cents.
  • The wage gap increases with age, maxing at 55-64 years due to the Opportunity Gap (i.e. women are less likely to get promoted than men). As a result, men are 85% more likely to be in positions of senior leadership, and over 60% of women are individual contributors towards the end of their careers, compared to just 40% of men.
  • Of all the Fortune 500 CEOs, just 5% are women, 0.4% are women of color, and there are no Black women Fortune 500 CEOs.
  • Minnesota is ranked 12th in the country for gender pay equality, and 49th for racial inequality (above WI).
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