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We believe that workers rights are human rights. Based off of our unity principle tenants, our committee strives to raise the voices of those fighting against unjust, inequitable, or inhumane working conditions and prejudices that affect a person's ability to earn an honest living wage. Our committee's current priorities include a minimum living wage, preemption, workplace harassment, wage theft, eliminating barriers to access, worker misclassification, and the benefits/challenges of labor unions. Each member of our committee brings with them particular passions on this topic and we work together to keep up with breaking news, both big and small. We believe part of our role as citizens is to contribute effort to our community, that everyone's time, physical and emotional labor, skills, and energy is valuable and should be reasonably compensated. We have a small committee so far and a long way to go but we are fighting just the same. Be Part Of Our Team By Emailing Us! #WorkersRights


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The media that really captivates us is the kind with a strong universal story that is told in a unique and captivating way. Work and workers penetrate all areas and walks of life and enter into nearly every story. We like best the stories that educate as well as entertain and can explore the complexity of the topic with honesty and humility. Please take media that is "based on a real story" with a grain of salt as it strays far from historical accuracy. In the lists below, we've included our favorite books, movies, and podcasts for diverse ages that range from fiction, nonfiction, documentaries, and cartoons. If you'd like to learn more about the struggles of workers, this is a great approachable resource for getting your feet wet. Now It’s Your Turn. Share Your Favorites!




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At present, we are a three member committee and would LOVE to have more members to share the workload and bring their individual passion for whatever aspect of workers really appeals to them. Primarily our goal at present is to amplify the stories and activities of people in Minnesota who are already doing the work to further worker rights. This means actively watching those organizations, determining what we can and should amplify and offering help. This also means educating our followers on what is important, how it works, and why it matters. If you like writing, interviewing, or researching, you could be a huge asset to our group. Once we have more manpower, we'd like to also set some bigger future-looking goals - plan some events or specific initiatives. As meaningful as workers rights are to the state of Minnesota, we also have to take care of ourselves as activists and deeply value the work that we donate to this cause. We are participating with Women's March Minnesota because we are having fun, growing, and helping. If this interests you, we think you should hop on board! Be a part of our team by e-mailing us here.


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Women's March MN is a non-profit organization. 100% of every dollar you give goes back to the community. Your donation will be used to help fund activities and events WMM hosts, sponsors, or supports.