Unions fight back against Trump administration

The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) union along with several others is about to take on the Trump administration in court after executive orders have been enacted to bust up unions and strip them of access to vital tools that assist with representation of working people.

Here’s what’s up at the social security administration offices according to the AFGE website:

  • Union volunteers were told to evacuate space by July 31. Space includes union offices, filing cabinets, and bulletin boards.

  • SSA cancelled all negotiated travel and per diem for union officials to travel to meetings with SSA managers, arbitration witnesses, etc.

  • Official time was slashed by 88%. Taking away official time means taking away employees’ rights to protect themselves against abuses and injustices in the workplace. 

  • Union officials can't use any agency equipment including phones, computers, photocopy machines, faxes, etc. to communicate with employees, management, and others in order to represent employees. 

  • Management walked away from our contract ground rules agreement signed on March 19, 2018. They are imposing no travel reimbursement for negotiators, no caucus space, or use of management equipment. They have imposed a shorter bargaining period into the ground rules. 

  • Management eliminates grievance/arbitration option for terminations, performance appraisals, and awards. These are now excluded from the grievance procedure.

  • Management fast-tracks performance terminations – 30-day improvement period instead of 150 days under the 2012 contract. 

Here’s what you can do:

  • Participate in the AFGE day of action on July 25 by wearing red to your workplace

  • Contact your representatives to reinforce the need to maintain the strength of unions to continue the fight for for equality in the workplace.  

  • Take to social media to have your voice heard using #RedForFeds

  • Attend the Minneapolis Rally and to show your solidarity with the union.

    • Details: Wednesday, July 25, at Noon

    • Meet across Minnehaha Ave from the Whipple Building, on the public sidewalk adjacent to Fort Snelling South Park & Ride

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