Park Square Theatre's Post-Show Conversation on Gender Roles in Plays

Park Square Theatre

Join Park Square Theatre’s Community Advisory Board and the East Side Freedom Library for a post-show community conversation regarding how gender roles are expressed on stage in Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery and other productions.

In Park Square Theatre’s current production of Baskerville, both Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are played by women.  In reflecting on the casting decision, director Theo Langason states, “all the things we love about the character – intuition, ingenuity, intelligence – aren’t tied to gender.” And yet, casting is important and highly visible. How do casting decisions impact how we experience a production as audience members? What do we need to see more of on stages, for ourselves and for young audiences?

To make this conversation accessible to as many as possible, we are offering $15 tickets on Sunday, July 1, 2:00pm. Use discount code CAB when ordering online at, or calling the ticket office at 651.291.7005. If $15 is a barrier to attendance, contact Clarence White, at

Snacks will be provided.

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