#BelieveWomen: National Speak Out ReCap

On Thursday the world watched as Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testified before the Judiciary Committee. As her testimony began, I sat in my car and felt the anger, disappointment and sadness consume every fiber of my being. I refused to allow those emotions to render me motionless, I opened my car door and walked up to Senator Amy Klobuchar’s office. I stood there and watched as a steady stream of our sisters, brothers and gender non-identifying siblings flooded the sidewalk with signs that read “I believe Christine,” “Believe Women,” “I Believe Anita,” “Kava-Nope.”

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Hear Us, NewsAlicia Donahue
Record-breaking numbers of women running for office this November!!!

In 2016, Emily's list got 920 enquiries from women about running for office. In 2018 they got 40,000!

This November, as many as 30 to 40 new female candidates could be elected to the House, making a record-breaking total of 100 women Representatives.

This is fabulous news!

Is there anything more that you can do to support women candidates running for office?

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GOTVHeidi Ripplinger
Why I Vote: Kabo Yang

Kabo Yang, Minnesota Women's Consortium Strong women talk about why they vote to encourage people to get out and vote for the midterm elections. My name is Kabo Yang. I am working with Women's Consortium working to advance gender justice for all women In Minnesota. The reason I vote is because it is my power.

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Why I Vote, Hear UsHeidi Ripplinger
Why I Vote: Reverend Nancy Nord Bence

I am Reverend Nancy Nord Bence. I am the executive director of Protect MN , the independent state based gun violence organization. They want to know why I vote. I vote because if we don’t vote then everything we do to try affect change; all the letters we write, the people we organize, all the trainings we hold and the protests we sponsor, none of that will do any good if we can’t change the people who are currently running Washington and Minnesota. ..

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Hear Us, Why I VoteHeidi Ripplinger