Elections - Get Involved!

The Primaries, Get Involved.

let’s get to Work!

Voting is key, but if we are serious about turning things around, we have to do more.

Here’s a list of ways you can get involved. Find one or two that appeal and commit to doing them regularly between now and November 6th. Once a week…twice a week…convince a friend or two to join you!

1. Engage with your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers about the elections.

Make sure they are registered to vote; that they know what’s on their ballot and why the different races (federal/state/local) matter. Ask them if they plan to vote early or on election day.

If they are already enthusiastic, encourage them to get involved in making sure others vote too.

Votewithme is an excellent app to help you identify friends who live in swing districts and who aren’t in the habit of voting in midterms. Use this to contact these friends and encourage them to vote. It’s genius!

2. Register people to vote.

Many organizations are running voter registration drives at public events, in colleges and schools, or by going door-to-door. It’s very satisfying work. People are grateful and genuinely excited to be registered to vote.

Below are some of the groups we know who are registering voters. Contact them to find out when their next drive is. Volunteer to help them.

You can also set up your own voter registration drive.

New to door-knocking and phone banking?
Check out this series of videos to learn the basics.

3. Talk to people - phone bank, text bank, door knock.

a) About issues - helping people understand the issues

Advocacy groups like ACLU MN, Planned Parenthood Minnesota Action, COPAL MN, NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota, SEIU Minnesota and other unions, and Take Action MN are very active doing issue-based canvassing leading up to the elections and rely on volunteers to help them do this work. They will also train you on how to phone bank, door knock or text bank, before you start. Campaigns also rely on volunteers.

b) About candidates - helping people understand what candidates stand for

Women’s March Minnesota cannot endorse or name candidates, but you can! To find out about campaign volunteer opportunities, contact your party. Alternatively, both the DFL and the GOP have comprehensive campaign calendars: find out what’s going on in your area, contact the campaign directly and sign up to help.

Political Contribution Refund.

Did you know that every year you can donate up to $50 ($100 for a married couple) to a state level political campaign and the full amount will be refunded. This is a great way to support state candidates. Learn more about Minnesota’s political contribution refund program.

4. Write postcards to voters.

This is a creative way to be in touch with people in your district and elsewhere to encourage them to vote, vote for a specific candidate or on a specific issue. It’s also great for people who are not up for the more direct contact experience of door knocking or phone banking.

  • Attend a postcard party and mix your postcard writing with some socializing with like-minded folks. Or do it from the comfort of your own home.  

  • Join the Facebook group Postcards for America - Minnesota for up-to-date information on upcoming postcarding events as well as good ideas of what to do from home.

  • Set up your own postcard party - at your home, a local library, a nearby cafe. It’s easy! Request a list of voter addresses from the Secretary of State, buy some cards, put a jar out for donations to help cover the cost of mailing, and invite some people to come. It’s amazing how many cards you can get written in a short time.

5. Register to be an Election Judge

Election judges are temporary, paid employees of local election officials trained to handle all aspects of voting at the polling place. This is a great way to be involved and to help make sure that every vote counts. Learn more.

6. Assist others to the polls. Offer to take your neighbor to vote. Call your local campaign office and sign up to drive people to the polls.

Voting is the only way to ensure that your concerns matter...PERIOD.
— Michelle Obama