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Driver’s licenses for all, regardless of immigration status! It’s time! Support HF1500!

When is the last time you used your driver’s license as an ID? For me, it was when I forgot my library card but wanted to check out the books that I had reserved. For you, perhaps it was when you checked in for a medical appointment, entered your child’s school or ordered a drink in a restaurant.

Approximately 82,000 residents of Minnesota are eligible for a driver’s license or state ID, but cannot get one because they are undocumented immigrants. Many have been living here for decades and were able to obtain a driver’s license until Governor Pawlenty changed the law in 2003. Imagine having your driving privileges and access to an ID stripped away. For undocumented immigrants, having access to a Driver’s License or State ID is both a matter of convenience and access and dignity to move around the state.

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Now we know who is running (sort of), let’s get busy!

Hectic day at Mn Sec. of State’s office yesterday – 275 people filed to run for public office! Lots of musical chairs and some hotly contested seats, INCLUDING record numbers of women filed for state House seats - YES!!!

2018 Primaries are 10 weeks away - August 14th.

Early voting is June 29th-Aug 13th, by email or in person. What’s your voting plan?

It's going to be a busy summer for candidates and their teams. Which campaigns can you help on?

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Minnesota House Public Safety Omnibus Bill and others need your response NOW!

The MN House Public Safety Omnibus bill (HF2856), to be discussed and possibly voted on Tuesday May 1st, has some problems:

a) It includes 2 anti-protest provisions that are being rolled out across the country and are aimed at chilling dissent, particularly by groups like BLM and Water Protectors. 

b) It includes NO gun control provisions. (26 sensible gun law bills are waiting at MN Leg for action to be taken on them.)

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Stand Against Permitless Carry - Welcome Back to the Capitol Lobby Day

Did You Know?

11: American women are 11 times more likely to be murdered with a firearm than women in any other developed nation.  

16: A woman in the U.S. is fatally shot by her current or former intimate partner every 16 hours. 

80: 80 percent of people killed by firearms annually in the U.S. by intimate partners are women. 

53: The percentage of intimate partner murders that involve a fatal gunshot.

1 in 3: The number of women living in domestic violence shelters in California who were threatened or harmed with a firearm by their domestic partners. 

Help us send the message - loud and clear - that we stand against 'Stand Your Ground' and won't permit permitless carry.

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