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Outcry Scream Sessions: A creative project to empower women to use their voices

These photography sessions were not your high fashion, super model type. It was made to show the authentic, raw side of a woman that is hidden behind a veil; that women can only scream and yell when no one’s there. In society, in many women’s upbringing, we have been conditioned to be passive, silent, and to feel powerless. But we are not. These outcry sessions encourage women to let out their inner roar, that burning fire that’s been eating them up inside.

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A Restoration of Hope

A wrench has been thrown into the cyclical experience of our post-school-shooting national mourning process and it’s being led by those most affected: the students have had enough.  

Students in high schools across the country are organizing themselves and taking to the streets so that their voices -- seemingly ignored for so long by the adults charged with protecting them -- will finally be heard. Minnesota youth, empowered and inspired by the actions and words of the survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting on Feb. 14, are compounding the call for stronger gun control regulations. And they’re just getting started. 

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Tonight We Caucus!

Please consider this your personal invitation to caucus tonight and request to become a delegate. Yes, even if you live in progressive district, it’s important to head out tonight. You have to caucus tonight if you want to caucus for the gubernatorial candidates at the State Convention (in June).  

Worried because you’ve never done it before? You’re not alone! There will be many first timers tonight.

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