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Outcry Scream Sessions: A creative project to empower women to use their voices

These photography sessions were not your high fashion, super model type. It was made to show the authentic, raw side of a woman that is hidden behind a veil; that women can only scream and yell when no one’s there. In society, in many women’s upbringing, we have been conditioned to be passive, silent, and to feel powerless. But we are not. These outcry sessions encourage women to let out their inner roar, that burning fire that’s been eating them up inside.

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Outcry in MN

“In response to the long history of silencing of women and girls I make portraits of women screaming. Through this project I provide women a space where they can practice speaking up and out for themselves. I also provide a space for them to be heard, supported, encouraged and celebrated. I began this project on the night of the Women’s March 2018, and since then have photographed over 200 women.”

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