Outcry in MN

Adia, 2018 Outcry series

Adia, 2018 Outcry series

Help us bring artist, Whitney Bradshaw’s Outcry scream sessions to the Twin Cities. WMM is partnering with the Show Gallery to elevate and empower Twin Cities women. It’s time for us to be seen and heard.

This is much more than a photo shoot. It is an empowerment session!

Participants interact with the artist and each other around these themes:

  • The power to speak up and out

  • Self-defense, safety and advocacy

  • Using your voice can save you

  • Support within community

  • Silence, frustration and catharsis

These sessions are both empowering and therapeutic. They allow us to expand our community and make connections with others who identify as women. The portraits from the photo sessions happening April 6 and 7 will become part of Bradshaw's ever-expanding Outcry series and will be included in a solo show of her work at the Show Gallery Lowertown in June of this year.

Experience the power of Whitney Bradshaw's work and read about her project.

You can empower your fellow resisters by donating to this project. WMM is matching all donations up to $500. Help us elevate and amplify the voices of women in your community. Donate today!

In response to the long history of silencing of women and girls I make portraits of women screaming. Through this project I provide women a space where they can practice speaking up and out for themselves. I also provide a space for them to be heard, supported, encouraged and celebrated. I began this project on the night of the Women’s March 2018, and since then have photographed over 200 women.
— Whitney Bradshaw