Tonight We Caucus!

It's Caucus Night!

Please consider this your personal invitation to caucus tonight and request to become a delegate. Yes, even if you live in progressive district, it’s important to head out tonight. You have to caucus tonight if you want to caucus for the gubernatorial candidates at the State Convention (in June).  

Worried because you’ve never done it before? You’re not alone! There will be many first timers tonight.

Follow along and share your journey with us!
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Who: YOU (yes, you!)
What: Caucusing (read - making your vote and voice heard). 
Where: Find your location here-
When: TONIGHT 7pm
Why: Our future and our democracy depends on it. 

Feeling bold? Consider suggesting a few resolutions tonight while you’re Caucusing! Resolutions is what will form the party platform; this is what the party fights for and what candidates fighting for the party endorsement will be encouraged to fight for. 

Find some important resolutions here:

And more resolutions: