Contact your Congress people and tell them you do not support these tent cities for migrant teens

There are currently 2,324 mostly Central American boys and girls (13-17 years old) living in canvas tents at Tornillo detention center (LA Times) for migrant teens. More than 1,300 teens have arrived here since the end of October alone. None of the 2,100 staff who work at this Texan tent city have not been properly vetted. Anything could be happening to these teens, in the US in 2018, on our watch. What’s more, the cost of running this detention center is 50% higher than originally estimated and it is thought it will cost the US taxpayer a total of $430 million.

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What do you think should be part of the 2019 MN Women’s Legislative Agenda? Your input is wanted!

Great opportunity to help shape the 2019 Women's Legislative Agenda for Minnesota? What issues do you think should be prioritized?

Minnesota Women’s Consortium, Black Women’s Wealth Alliance, Center of Women, Gender and Public Policy and Gender Justice are holding meetings across the state to take input on what Minnesota women feel is important to focus on next year. Join them!

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Proposed restriction on immigrants using public aid - public comment open til Dec. 10th

Did you submit your public comment on DHS's proposed redefinition of "public charge" yet?

This new regulation will make it harder for immigrants living in the US to qualify for permanent US residency if they have received public benefits such as food aid, public housing or Medicaid. It will also make it harder for foreigners to immigrate to the US if they are predicted to need to use these benefits.

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Just 5 days to go until the elections! Last weekend to GOTV!

We’re into the last stretch. Lots of people have already voted and more are still to vote. Some haven’t decided yet. GOTV campaigns will be at fever-pitch this weekend. What can you do to help?

With everything that has happened this last week, the issues of white supremacy, racism, hatred and violence have been brought to the fore. We have to make it clear that this kind of behavior is not acceptable in the US. We must do this at the polls.

So, although turnout for the last midterm elections in MN was less than 50%, let’s make sure it’s different this time. Let's turn out for these midterms in HUGE numbers, and let’s get others to do the same.

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