March to the Polls on Nov. 6, 2018

In January 2017, you joined thousands of people across the country and marched. Do you remember what you were marching for and how it felt to stand with millions of people worldwide as we took to the streets?

Are you already signed up to march Jan. 19, 2019, to stand with millions of others around the country? Have the reasons for marching changed? Intensified?

Many came out to march for women's rights, or economic and racial justice. Or because they believed that climate change was real. Or they wanted leaders who led with love and compassion. Or wanted their LGBTQ brothers and sisters respected. Or believed in transparency and accountability in their government. They wanted leaders who were honest and kind, and inspired that in others.

We need you to march now and encourage everyone you know to March to the Polls on Tuesday Nov. 6. It is going to take all of us - including, and especially, white women in the suburbs, a group that many pollsters believe could make a huge difference this time around - to send a message much stronger than any march ever could.

In this moment, our power and our voice is our vote. It is what leaders crave and fear most and it is our best way to send a message of what we want this country to be.

Want to feel better on Nov. 7, 2018 than you did after the election of 2016? Go to the polling place and show them what you stand for with your vote.

Karen Foshier