Just 5 days to go until the elections! Last weekend to GOTV!

We’re into the last stretch. Lots of people have already voted and more are still to vote. Some haven’t decided yet. GOTV campaigns will be at fever-pitch this weekend. What can you do to help?

With everything that has happened this last week, the issues of white supremacy, racism, hatred and violence have been brought to the fore. We have to make it clear that this kind of behavior is not acceptable in the US. We must do this at the polls.

So, although turnout for the last midterm elections in MN was less than 50%, let’s make sure it’s different this time. Let's turn out for these midterms in HUGE numbers, and let’s get others to do the same.

To Do List:

1. Vote

2. Get others to vote.

  • Talk to your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and make sure they are going to vote and have all the information they need to do this. Talk to 5 people every day between now and November 6th.

  • Volunteer with advocacy groups and campaigns to text bank or phone bank to GOTV.

  • For more ideas on helping GOTV, see WMM’s Get Involved page.

3. Support campaigns of candidates you want to see elected.

  • Candidates need A LOT of help to win. This is weekend their campaigns will be super busy.

  • They need you to help them.

  • Check your party’s campaign calendar to see what is going on and where you are needed. Call the campaigns and sign up to volunteer.

  • Contact your party HQ or favorite campaign's office (check your candidate’s website for the contact) and find out what they need you to do to help them.

  • Enroll friends to go with you to volunteer. The more the merrier.

  • Donate money to campaigns you believe in. Did you know that the first $50 is refundable if you are donating to Minnesota political parties or candidates for state offices? More information.

We’re almost there. We've got this!