Interested in legislation and the MN legislative process or want to learn more about it?

WMM works with the brilliant Watch Your Reps MN (WYRMN) and her team of volunteer legislative trackers (from a number of different activist groups). WYRMN is gearing up for the 2019 session and is calling for volunteers. Do you want to join us?

From Watch Your Reps MN:  

The next legislative session starts on January 8th and we need you! We’re looking for volunteers to help with tracking legislation as it works through the MN State Legislature in 2019.

What does that mean? Legislative trackers will be responsible for:

  • Monitoring legislation going through one (or more) committees in the MN House and Senate

  • Determining if bills that have hearings should be supported or opposed and whether it needs an action alert sent out

  • Writing a brief description that explains why we are supporting or opposing the bill

  • Updating the bill tracking spreadsheet on Google Sheets

The expected time commitment is 1 hour a day, 3-5 days a week. The work done by this team is used to generate action alerts that are sent to activist groups across Minnesota to coordinate and amplify our efforts for maximum impact.

While subject matter expertise is a bonus when tracking a related committee, it is not required. We will train volunteers on the process and the basics of tracking legislation and reading bills. Volunteers are welcome from all corners of the state; training and coordination will be online.

Want to see what Watch Your Reps MN does with your hard work? See the Watch Your Reps MN site and scroll back through earlier Action Alerts. Interested in signing up or finding out more? Contact WYRMN at