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Weekly rundown of bills-to-do-something-about from WatchYourRepsMN

Final full week of Mn Leg session 2018! Here's your weekly rundown of bills-to-do-something-about from WatchYourRepsMN.

Look through the weekly Mn Leg bills update from the fabulous WatchYourRepsMN. Find the ones you care about, and call, email, tweet your message to your legislators and/or the Governor! It's quick, easy and effective!

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Contact Your Representatives During Recess

Congress is on recess, U.S. Reps and Senators are home. It's a good time to get in touch with your Congresspeople on issues that concern you….gun control, DACA, tax bill…. Find out if they have a Town Hall planned, arrange to visit them at their office, call them or email them. 

MN Legislature still has a week to go and they're busy. For a list of bills that need some noise made about them, see Watch Your Reps MN's weekly update. (Warning: it's long.) Find bills on the issues you care about, call the appropriate legislators, write an email, tweet a message, attend a hearing. 

This is a short session and things are moving fast. They are already starting to put together omnibus bills. If you feel strongly about a bill, get on it now.

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