Watch Your Reps - Minnesota

The latest from WatchYourRepsMn on bills to contact your legislators about!

It's busy at the Capitol this week. Thank you to Moms Demand Action for their important work for sensible gun laws in Minnesota. See their Facebook page for coverage of April 18th's Mom's Demand Action Lobby Day.

As Mn Leg gets into the last stretch, here is the latest from WatchYourRepsMN on some of the bills that are ready to be voted in the Senate. Please choose the ones you care about and contact your state Senator about them. Let them why you want them to either oppose them or support them.

There’s lots to choose from – anti-abortion, anti-protest, anti-environment, anti-Metropolitan council, and some good ones that need your support too.

Find out more about these bills? Click here then type in "SF" followed by the bill number into the box where it says "Retrieve by number".

Who is your Senator?