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Weekly rundown of bills-to-do-something-about from WatchYourRepsMN

Final full week of Mn Leg session 2018! Here's your weekly rundown of bills-to-do-something-about from WatchYourRepsMN.

Look through the weekly Mn Leg bills update from the fabulous WatchYourRepsMN. Find the ones you care about, and call, email, tweet your message to your legislators and/or the Governor! It's quick, easy and effective!

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Greenlight Line 3 bill (HF3759), An Update:

Greenlight Line 3 bill (HF3759) updateHouse vote on Monday May 14th. Tell your Reps to vote NO on this anti-environment bill!

“Greenlight Line 3” bill (HF3759), to bypass the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (PUC) review process and allow immediate construction of Line 3 Oil Pipeline, will be debated and voted on this Monday, May 14th in Mn House. 

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