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Beyond DACA - Permanent Protection For All!

The March 5th DACA deadline is all but gone, with no legislative solution for Dreamers. Or TPS holders. Or DED holders. Meanwhile ICE detention and deportations are ripping families apart. Our legislators are failing our immigrant brothers and sisters. 
Beyond DACA” is a series of actions hosted by local immigrant rights groups THIS WEEK to hold our MN legislators to account for their in/action. Let’s join them in demanding permanent protection for all!

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DREAMers Need Immediate Relief - hosted by IndivisibleMN03 and Caile

Wednesday, February 21st - 4:30pm-6:30pm Congressman Erik Paulsen District Office

4:30 demonstration starts. Bring your hand-lettered signs related to the DREAMER theme. 
5:30 Switch to Light brigade message PASS THE DREAM ACT. (Sun sets around 5:50pm). Light brigade will remain until 6:15. 

Last week the US Senate failed to find a legal pathway to citizenship for 800,000 #DACA recipients (7,000 in MN). With 2 different federal courts blocking the WH’s ending of DACA on March 5th, some seem to think the pressure to find a solution is off. We need to keep the pressure on! These young people need a #DreamActNow #HereToStay

Call your US Congress person and tell them to get on with it! They’re on recess this week, so it’s a good time to catch them. Call their office, email them, tweet them. For more info on what to say: Town Hall Questions

Send a clear message to Rep. Paulsen on this issue TONIGHT by joining Indivisible MN03 and Caile as they Stand Up for Young Immigrants.

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Senate Fails to Act on DACA
Is the March 5 DACA Deadline Meaningful?  

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Support A Clean Dream Act!

Shame on Congress for failing to include a solution for #Dreamers in the latest funding bill. Call your US House of Representatives and US Senate reps and tell them to pass a #CleanDreamAct now! 

Discussions are set to start next week because they have until Mar 5th to find a legal pathway to citizenship for 800,000 undocumented immigrants brought into this country illegally as children (7,000 in MN alone). Let’s hold them to it!

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