DREAMers Need Immediate Relief - hosted by IndivisibleMN03 and Caile

Wednesday, February 21st - 4:30pm-6:30pm Congressman Erik Paulsen District Office (hosted by Indivisible MN03 and Caile)

DREAMers Need Immediate Relief
These young people have no legal route to citizenship.

Without question, the most vulnerable group in Trump’s America is immigrants. Because Trump terminated DACA, over 10,000 Dreamers are estimated to have already lost their protections, and nearly 1,000 more will lose DACA each week and become vulnerable to Trump’s deportation force. For example, in the next two weeks alone, 1,708 Dreamers will lose their protection under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, an Obama-era executive action that allowed them to apply for work permits and live without fear of deportation. 

Trump has said it is up to Congress to pass legislation to fix the problem. We are advocating for the passage of the Dream Act (H.R. 3440) as a stand alone (clean) bill. Rep. Paulsen is pushing for a GOP-backed bill, which unnecessarily puts an additional 5 years of conditional status for these young people before they can even be considered a lawful permanent resident. Under Paulsen's plan applications for citizenship would not be considered until after 10 years.

demonstration starts. Bring your hand-lettered signs related to the DREAMER theme. 
5:30 Switch to Light brigade message PASS THE DREAM ACT. (Sun sets around 5:50pm). Light brigade will remain until 6:15. 

Please join us for part or all of the demonstration

IndivisibleMN03 has been working since January of 2017 to oppose and mitigate the most harmful affects of the Trump administration by holding our representative in Washington DC accountable for his votes. This issue is at the heart of Trump's anti-immigrant plans and we must stand up for those who cannot do so.

  • Take the Dreamer Pledge
  • Donate to Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota's fund to help Dreamers pay for their hefty DACA renewal fees 

This demonstration is part of Indivisible MN03 Congressional Recess Week activities. Visit the main event page to see all 4 nights of demonstrations.

Call your US Congress person and tell them to get on with it! They’re on recess this week, so it’s a good time to catch them. Call their office, email them, tweet them. For more info on what to say: Town Hall Questions

Send a clear message to Rep. Paulsen on this issue TONIGHT by joining Indivisible MN03 as they Stand Up for Young Immigrants.

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Let your voice be heard. Find your US Representative or Senator