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Kavanaugh Nomination - What's At Stake, What Can We Do?

The balance of the US Supreme Court is set to change significantly for a generation or more, following Kennedy’s retirement and Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to fill his seat.

Kavanaugh is a partisan Republican and an extremist, and his confirmation would pose a serious threat to reproductive rights, healthcare, environmental protection, net neutrality, works’ rights, LGBTQ rights, gun violence prevention laws, voting rights and more.

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Save the Boundary Waters

For 18 months, the Forest Service has been carefully documenting likely harm to the Boundary Waters and the Superior National Forest if sulfide-ore copper mining is allowed on public lands next to the Boundary Waters. This critically important study is nearly complete. The study will inform Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke before he decides whether to protect the Boundary Waters by putting nearby federal lands off-limits to new mining leases for 20 years.

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After the #FamiliesBelongTogether Marches, what now?

Last week, WMM joined a number of other organizations in a civil disobedience action at General Dynamics, Bloomington, to protest the company’s involvement in the business of immigrant detention and monitoring. This action was led by Navigate MN, Black Visions Collective, CTUL, and SEIU Local 26. Eight protestors were arrested, including Sen. Patricia Torres Ray.

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Comment now to oppose the gutting of the National Environmental Policy Act

Known as the Magna Carta of environmental law, is a federal law that promotes the enhancement and protection of our environment.  It also established the President's Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ).

NEPA was passed in the 70s following outcry over how the Interstate highway system in the 1950s and 60s was built- by bulldozing communities with no consideration of the harmful impacts.

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