I believe her rally


On Friday we stood in solidarity to say we believe her. So many times women aren't believed, and we need change the culture, call for accountability, consequences, and #IBeliveHer.

We continued to call for the resignation of state Rep. Tony Cornish and state Sen. Dan Schoen. Click here to learn more and sign the petitions to demand their resignations.

We are in the middle of a cultural shift and need to continue to have this very difficult conversation. We are calling for a change, we are done accepting "I'm sorry" and silence, and are demanding better.

"There is comfort and power in our collective voices together," Rep. Erin Murphy.

Check out the media coverage from the event:

Kare 11CBSKSTPFox 9MPRStar TribuneDuluth News Tribune

We sent a clear message that we will not tolerate sexual harassment. We heard some power speeches from amazing women, including:


Diane Dodd
Betty Folliard
Heather Allison, ERA
Rebecca Otto
Patricia Torres Ray
Erin Murphy
Rena Moran
Kabo Yang, MN Women's Consortium
Tiffini Flynn Forslund, ED, UniteWomen MN
Tina Liebling
Jennifer Schultz
Sandra Pappas
Trista Matascastillo, Women's Veterans Initiative
Pastor Perry Marea
Beth Anderson
Erin May Quade
Lindsey Port
Jamie Becker-Finn