Demand the resignations of Rep. Cornish and State Sen. Schoen

Then read this Op Ed on why this is so important:

I’m asking for the immediate resignation of Rep. Tony Cornish and Sen. Dan Schoen and you should too.

The social media movement #MeToo made it resoundingly clear that most women in this country have, indeed, experienced sexual harassment and/or assault. It sparked dialogue on how we can #DoBetter and #StartBelievingWomen.

I watched both women and men demand a higher level of accountability. I saw post after post of males specifically promising to start holding one another culpable for their actions. Promises of doing what they can to change the toxic culture that has been created.

It is time to put your money where your mouth is.

Yesterday, multiple women were brave enough to speak out against the acts of sexual harassment committed by Rep. Tony Cornish and State Sen. Dan Schoen. One even provided copies of inappropriate text messages she’d received.

Yes, he’s been suspended. No, that’s not enough. We must demand better if we are to make a dent in the armor of toxic masculinity that shrouds most of America and it starts right here in Minnesota. Right now

Women’s March Minnesota has created petitions demanding Rep. Tony Cornish and State Sen. Dan Schoen resign immediately. I’m asking you to sign it. Right this minute, then share it and ask others to sign as well. There is no room for harassment anywhere, today we start by removing it from the Minnesota House of Representatives.

You can read both breaking stories here and here.

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