Puerto Rico still needs our help

It is so important to shed light on the truth of what is going on in Puerto Rico. Activist and artist Maria Isa helped us understand how the island is really doing. Unfortunately, the reality is that the death count is artificially low and the majority of the island is still without electricity.

“We’re U.S. citizens,” Isa told us. While this shouldn’t be the only reason we care about an issue affecting any human being, it calls into question the response of the federal government to an American commonwealth.

You can check out real photos and video from people on the island on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #PRonTheMap.

Puerto Rico has a population of 3.41 million who are still living with the consequences of two major hurricanes in the span of a few months. That’s more than the populations of a good number of U.S. states:

Another reality facing Puerto Ricans: Those on the island can serve in the military, but cannot vote in federal elections, nor do they have a representative in Congress. Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) has introduced HR 900 to address this absurd disparity.

You can make a difference and help Puerto Rico in a number of ways.

We would encourage you all to call your representatives and ask them to support HR 900. You can also donate money to El Fondo Boricua or items such as clothes and other necessities to la Coalición de Boricuas en Minnesota.

Also, check out these local fundraisers to help send financial aid.

This is still the time to act for Puerto Rico. A month later and this isn’t over. “This isn’t charity,” Isa says. “It’s justice.”

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