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Our Goals

We believe in immigrant and refugee rights regardless of status or country of origin. We believe migration is a human right and that no human being is illegal. We educate ourselves and others so we can be effective allies and advocates. We connect with local organizations to ask how we can support their efforts. We listen to immigrants and refugees. We follow the leadership of immigrants and refugees. We show up for immigrants and refugees.

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Our Favorite Books & Movies

Popular culture in books and movies that focus on immigrants and refugees can be stereotypical in nature. So when seeking out entertainment that includes these themes be sure to look for immigrant or refugee voices in authors, actors or viewpoints. Seek out authenticity and stay away from stereotypes, finding pieces that focus on the complexity of migration and a breadth of human experiences is a good place to start. When you're reading or watching books or movies with others be sure to point out any stereotypes that you see in order to bring more awareness to your family, friends and the community at large.  Now It’s Your Turn. Share Your Favorites!







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We are a group of women of different ages, ethnic and racial backgrounds who share a passion for advocating for immigrant and refugee justice. We meet about once a month over dinner at restaurants owned by immigrants or refugees. We support other organizations that are working for immigrant and refugee rights by utilizing the resources of the Women’s March MN. We use our own social media accounts to promote other organizations’ events and causes, We show up for their events. For example, we supported the No Human Being is Illegal march organized by the  Immigrant Movement for Justice and May 1st Coalition by helping with the organization, contacting other groups, providing marshals and by marching. Members of our group contribute in many ways and we welcome any skills and time that you can share.

You can attend a rally or a forum, use social media to promote events, make phone calls to legislators, or find ways to educate others about issues related to immigrants and refugees. People are free to select the actions that fit their schedule, and talents.


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