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Support Victims of Sexually Violent Crimes

Victims of sexually violent crimes should be able to come forward when they are ready.

Representative Ilhan Omar and Senator Sandy Pappas have introduced a bill (HF3434/SF3206) to remove time limits for charging sexually violent crimes. If this passes, victims of these crimes, including sex trafficking, could report a crime against them when they feel ready.

This bill needs your support. Here's how you can help:

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Two bills with hearings on 3/23 could do with some help to get them passed

As the first Mn Leg Committee deadline looms at the end of Thursday 23rd March, some bills need your support: 

HF3371 - establishes a Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women task force to report on the issue of violence against Indigenous women and girls.  For more information on the bill.
Gov. Ops Committee, Basement Hearing Rm, 10.15am.

HF951 - restores voting rights to 51,000 Minnesotans on probation or parole, who are living in the community, paying taxes, but are denied the right to vote. For more on the issue of vote restoration in Minnesota. Public Safety Committee, Rm 10, State Office Bldg, 10.15am.

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