Support Victims of Sexually Violent Crimes

Victims of sexually violent crimes should be able to come forward when they are ready.

Representative Ilhan Omar and Senator Sandy Pappas have introduced a bill (HF3434/SF3206) to remove time limits for charging sexually violent crimes. If this passes, victims of these crimes, including sex trafficking, could report a crime against them when they feel ready.

Here is the Press Conference introducing the bill. It is well worth watching to understand why this bill is needed.

This bill needs your support. Here's how you can help:

For both HF3434 and SF3206, contact the Chair of the Public Safety Committees (House and Senate) as well as the MN Leg Leadership and tell them you support this bill and urge them to give it a hearing.

Contact your MN Senators and encourage them to sign onto this bill. Right now Sen. Pappas is the sole author of SF 3206.

Call them, email them, tweet them! Contact details:
Rep. Kurt Daudt (Speaker of the House) 651 296 5364
Rep. Joyce Peppin (Majority Leader) 651 296 7806
Sen. Paul Gazelka (Majority Leader) 651 296 4875
Rep. Johnson (Chair Public Safety Committee) 651 296 4364
Sen. Limmer (Chair Public Safety Committee) 651 296 2159

Contact your Senator.

"More women and more victims are feeling empowered and supported and feeling like it might be the right time to come forward with their stories and file a report. Having these kind of limitations takes away the choice for them to come forward when they feel like it is right for them." - Rep. Ilhan Omar