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Equal Rights Amendments Must Pass! HF189/313/3257 & SF224/101/2827

What do we want? The Equal Rights Amendment. 

When do we want it? NOW!

In the US, women still face inequality due to sexual harassment, inequitable pay and unequal treatment in the courts. Let’s change that and make women equal under the law. It is time! 

Let’s join the 24 other states who have added an Equal Rights Amendment to their State Constitution (including Texas)! Let’s get the ratification going again at the federal level!

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ERA Day of Action

Re-Sisters – Join us THIS THURSDAY for ERA Day of Action at the Capitol! Let’s pack those halls to demand Equal Rights for Women Guaranteed by the Constitution. MAKE EQUAL LEGAL! 
Last year MNLeg refused to hear the Equal Rights Amendment bills. Let’s send a message so loud they cannot ignore us this session. We need your voice! 
Join us March 8th in the Capitol Rotunda – please wear RED!

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