Equal Rights Amendments Must Pass! HF189/313/3257 & SF224/101/2827

What do we want? The Equal Rights Amendment. 

When do we want it? NOW!

In the US, women still face inequality due to sexual harassment, inequitable pay and unequal treatment in the courts. Let’s change that and make women equal under the law. It is time! 

Let’s join the 24 other states who have added an Equal Rights Amendment to their State Constitution (including Texas)!
Let’s get the ratification going again at the federal level!
However, last year MN Leg refused to hear any Equal Rights Amendment bills. The MN Leg. Leadership has said that unless they hear from their constituents about these bills, they will NOT make them a priority this year either. Let’s make sure they hear from us and know that we want these bills to be heard, voted on and passed into law.
The Bills: 
HF189/313/3257 & SF224/101/2827
These bills must get a hearing and be passed THIS session in order for the ERA to be put on the ballot this November, so that the people of Minnesota can vote to add the ERA to our state Constitution. 
For details of all the bills as well as authors, and helpful talking points:

HF 356 & SF 229
These bills must get a hearing and be passed in order for a resolution to be put together demanding the deadline be removed from the federal ERA and that the ratification be advanced so that an Equal Rights Amendment is added to the US Constitution. 
Who to contact: 
If your representatives are on any of the following committees (which would hear these bills), contact them to urge them to hear the bills, support them, pass them in committee and on the floor of the House or Senate! Call, email, write, tweet them! Again and again!
House Civil Law and Data Practices 
House Government Operations Elections Policy 
Senate Judiciary and Public Safety and Policy Committee
If your representatives are not on these committees, contact the committee chairs (see links above) and the Mn Leg. Leadership (see below). As Leadership, they should be open to hearing from anyone in Minnesota:

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