Municipal ID Campaign

Wednesday May 22 leaders of 2 Latino social justice groups will meet Minneapolis City Council to discuss the Municipal ID Campaign. This is a campaign to give undocumented immigrants a form of ID they can use in their daily lives. The groups are asking for support - can you help?

Did you know that having no ID can be a barrier to renting a home, opening a bank account, even accessing food shelves? People with no ID don't report incidents of domestic violence and other crimes for fear of being targeted about their citizenship status. Let's take a stand for dignity for all.

MN-Immigrant Movement-MIM and Immigrant Movement for Justice are asking for people to join them for the meeting tomorrow as a way to support this campaign.

Meet them in the lobby of Minneapolis City Hall at 10.45am.

For more information, contact Jovita on 612-246-1149 or email her at