Great turnout for the Primaries! Now let’s get to work for November!

GOTV Elections Nov 6 WMM

Congratulations, everyone! Biggest turnout for MN Primary elections in 20 years! Let's keep this going - all the way to November 6th! Thank you to all who ran, all who campaigned, all who worked to get out the vote

For the election results, see the Minnesota Secretary of State’s website and New York Times. NYT also did a good piece on how women and diversity were the winners in Tuesday’s Primaries - see here For more on the record voter turnout, see MPR’s article

So, what do we do now?

Now it's time to find a campaign to support, particularly campaigns that need help. Sign up to door knock and phone bank for them, donate money, etc. There are lots of options. Check with your local campaign office or contact your party to find out where you are needed.

Here’s a good place to start:

November is coming! Let's get to work!