August 26th is Women’s Equality Day, and it is coming up soon!

Join Women’s March Minnesota (WMM) and the Civil Rights Committee in celebrating by showing your support of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). Here are some ways you can participate and join in the fun!


E: Educate - Learn about the history of Women’s Equality Day, and why this day continues to be important. Educate yourself about the history of the ERA at a state and national level. According to polling from the ERA Coalition/Fund for Women’s Equality “80% of those polled mistakenly believe that men and women are already guaranteed equal rights in the U.S. Constitution; and 94% of those polled said they would support an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that guarantees equal rights for both men and women.” Commit to showing five people in your life these shocking statistics

R: Raise awareness - Discuss with other people in your life why the ERA is so important, and what it means to you personally. Share your story with us in the comments below!  

A: Act - Arrange a house party screening of “Legalize Equality,” a 30-minute version of it’s associated filmEqual Means Equal.” “Legalize Equality” includes updated information and footage on just how crucial the passage of the ERA is, now more than ever.

Contact Sarah or Heather at HEADER: House Party Tool Kit, to receive your house party toolkit, including a copy of the film to borrow, FAQ, and discussion points; then on August 26th gather your friends, family, and community neighbors to a night of learning and discussion!