Professor Wanyama of Augsberg College Targeted by ICE - Don't Let It Stand!

Photo Courtesy of Mzenga Wanyama Rally - Gabriel Benson

Mn Professor to be deported by ICE. Show up!

Professor Wanyama of Ausgberg College, Minneapolis, is one of a growing number of immigrants who are being targeted for deportation by ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement) and have no criminal record. Professor Wanyama has been in the US for 25+ years. He has a family, a home, a career and a community here in Minnesota. 

ICE’s current policy of deporting immigrants like Professor Wanyama is racist and cruel and is a way of intimidating immigrant communities, and this is happening across the country. We are better than this!

If the deportation goes through, Professor Wanyama and his wife will be sent back to a country they have not lived in over 20 years. They have 3 children. His community is calling for him to be allowed to stay. He meets with ICE this Thursday to discuss his deportation.

Please consider attending the rally at the ICE HQ on Thursday at noon to show your support for Professor Wanyama and his family and to send a message to ICE about this heartless policy. For more details about the event and for other ways you can help, see the FACEBOOK event page.

FIND OUT MORE about Professor Wanyama and his situation.