Time to Clean House!

Kudos to State Rep. Jamie Becker-Finn for taking matters into her own hands. After bill HF3030 (to set up a sexual harassment task force) failed to get a hearing last week, she announced she will convene a work group to address issues of sexual assault and harassment at the State Capitol. As Becker-Finn says - it's time to clean house!

"We have waited over four months for meaningful progress and it is time to move forward... Everyone who works at or visits the State Capitol should be able to do so free of harassment and assault. ...This type of behavior has gone on unchecked for decades. It's time to clean house" - Rep. J. Becker-Finn

Email, tweet, message or call State Representative Jamie Becker-Finn to show your support @jbeckerfinn or Email Rep Becker-Finn

For more background on this issue and the Becker-Finn Press Release