Special Session is over - now it's time to call on Governor Dayton to stop bad policies.

The Special Session is over. Thank you for all the calls you have made, all the emails and tweets you have sent regarding bad policies and bills. It makes a difference. One last thing – hopefully. Call the Governor!

Thanks to Watch Your Reps for this Call:

“The Special Session finally ended at 3:00am today with 8 bills passed and heading to the Governor. There were 6 budget bills, 1 labor bill, and a bill to fix all the mistakes made by rushing through all the other bills (yes, really). Governor Dayton has 14 days from when he receives the bills to either sign, veto, or do nothing (which would lead to a pocket veto). He also hadn’t yet received the budget bills passed during the regular session so those are also still in play (though much less controversial).
Which means there is still time to influence Dayton. Call him at 651-201-3400. (PLEASE NOTE: The Governor just announced he will be done by Tuesday night - he is not going to use the allotted 14 days - so call soon!

Please let him know your thoughts, thank him for the things he has already said he would veto, and encourage him to protect the people of Minnesota from an extreme agenda that will push us back into structural deficits.”

For a rundown of these bills, see Watch Your Reps MN list and this from Br Briana Bierschbach at MinnPost

We also want to mention that as it stands the State Government Finance bill (HF605) eradicates the Office of the Economic Status of Women. This office was established in the 70s and advises the legislature, providing information and statistics on women in Minnesota – eg pop., edu., marital and parental status, household, work, legal and economic rights. The Governor has already said he is against the OESW being cut.  Please consider telling him why you think getting rid of this office is a bad idea. Here’s a tweet from Rep. Erin Murphy about it

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