Budget bill negotiation update.  And we want “clean” bills that fully fund state services!

3 more days until the end of the MN Legislative session, but still major disparities exist in the budget proposals, with Mn Republicans favoring extensive tax cuts at the cost of properly funding K-12, Higher Ed., Health and Human Services, State Government and Public Safety budgets and Environment - plus many controversial policy provisions embedded in these bills.

For a good summary of where negotiations are at the moment: http://www.twincities.com/2017/05/19/republicans-move-to-pass-unilateral-budgets-without-mark-dayton-agreement/

Please call Governor Dayton (651-201-3400) to tell him you support him in standing up for Minnesotans’ best interests by vetoing budget bills that under-fund state services and contain controversial policy provisions, even if it means a special session or a government shutdown.

No need to go into details about the budget bills when you call, unless you want to – just make sure the person who answers the phone takes down your name and number (if you want) and your message. If you get an answerphone, leave your message there – it all counts.